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Humanity In Total Transport Solutions (HITTS)


HITTS is convinced that strengthening the human factor in every project, development or business, is the key to success and the key to broad based economical empowerment for all people and the future of every business and country. Based upon in depth knowledge, extensive experience with hundreds of projects, starting and managing large training centres and schools around the world HITTS is able to support you. Knowledge infrastructure for logistic and maritime education and training is crucial, this requires not only a well thought investment plan in knowledge infrastructure but also a sophisticated implementation. Well trained, motivated and competent people make that difference.

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Total Transport

HITTS aims at strengthening business via people for the total transport chain: from door-to-door. Logistics, inland waterways, maritime shipping, offshore, rail, ports are all part of the total transport chain. We assist policy makers and support the implementation of environmental, humanity driven regulations and agreements. HITTS knows the human resource development for the total transport sector and our focus is on support and advice of businesses and governments how to strengthen the chain. Strengthening of the Maritime Cluster, also in upcoming economies, is key for affordable and profit making total transport. The strength of the chain is determined by the weakest link.

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Accident reduction, advices on education and training, supporting the implementation of international rules and legislation are key to the solutions offered. The specific knowledge of the complex maritime cluster, including offshore, with regards to crewing and manning is our core competence. This results in solutions on a world wide scale by finding the best training places, institutes, agents and experts against the best quality/costs equation. Feasibility studies for setting up training centres, colleges, universities, transport corridors studies and managing logistics, maritime and offshore training centres is key in our experience and hands on solution driven approach.

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